Twins Born With 2 HEADS AND 3 ARMS In India!

by Robert Dunne

A 21-year-old from India has delivered a baby with 3 arms and 2 heads despite expecting twins.

Babita Ahirwar and her husband Jaswant Singh, from the Basauda village in the Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh, had been told to expect conjoined twins, and the plan was in place to have a caesarian section on 23rd November, however, the couple were shocked when, after the procedure, the nurse removed the towel covering their children, to in fact reveal a singular child with two heads and three arms.

Source: The Mail Online

Speaking about the birth, father Jaswant said “we were told after an ultrasound that we are going to have twins. We were very happy to have two kids but it is one baby with two heads”. Mum Babita was initially devastated at the realisation, saying “It was a mixed feeling when the nurses handed over the baby to me. Initially, I thought it was a twin, but when the nurses removed the towel, I was shocked to see our firstborn with two heads and three hands. All we wanted was a normal and healthy baby, but the almighty wanted to punish us this way. I don’t know why.”.


The twins were born at the Vidisha Sadar Hospital, and it is currently thought that they have been born with Tribrachius Parapagus, a condition which means the children are born with two heads, although sharing one body, and having an additional arm. Unfortunately, for most babies born with this condition, there is a very low chance of survival. Despite this, Dr Surendra Sonkar of Vidisha Sadar Hospital has made it clear that “we are taking care of the baby and will take opinion of expert doctors in Bhopal and Delhi, who had earlier done the operation of such kids”

The twins are currently being cared for at Bhopal’s Hamidi Medical College and Hospital, and the father has said “This is my baby and I will raise him as he is. I am yet to hold him in my hands. [...] he is my baby and I will take him home. As long as he is alive, I will love him and take care of him.” 

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