Sheridan Smith Sparks Fan Excitement after PREGNANCY Reveal

by Robert Dunne

Actress Sheridan Smith recently made the suggestion to fans that she was expecting a child during a performance when she said ‘I've got buckets in each wing and trainers so I can run. I'm very out of breath. I've got all these new symptoms, so sorry!’.

The actress then told fans of her excitement for her upcoming appearance at a musical Stages event onboard a four-day cruise when she hinted at the pregnancy by captioning “wish me luck with my morning sickness”. The announcement was followed by a story post in which she described her partner Jamie as ‘daddy cool’, causing an outburst of support and congratulations from fans and friends alike. 

With the Instagram post now sitting on over eight thousand likes and over six hundred comments, many comments are not only wishing the pair a huge congratulations but also offering support and advice to the expectant mother. Some commenters have suggested “ginger biscuits” as well as “Sea bands work a treat any pharmacy sells them” to help with her morning sickness onboard the cruise liner.

Having recently finished working on the theatre show ‘Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat’, Smith admitted in an interview with The Mirror to wanting to start a family, after having such a positive experience with the children on the show, saying “I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss the kids. I am gonna miss them so much. They are all an utter joy and have made the whole experience for me” “Me and Jamie are now thinking of making me a mamma. All thanks to these amazing souls”.


Sheridan and Jamie first met through popular dating app Tinder in February 2018, and then after three months together, the pair got engaged, making parenthood the next happy step in the couples time together. The couple is yet to be married, however, there has been speculation of a wedding being soon, with Smith having called her partner ‘hubby’ in a deleted Twitter post. This speculation, however, has been denied by Smith and her partner for the time being.

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