Mum Reveals Midwives Took EIGHT HOURS Finding Baby’s Pulse

by Robert Dunne

Charlotte Warner, 24, was expecting to leave St Georges Hospital in Tooting, South London, with her overdue son in May 2017, but hours later she was left holding her stillborn son sobbing after a series of errors by her midwives caused her son to die.

An investigation ruled that the midwives taking care of the mum-to-be should have checked the heartbeat of the child when Charlotte asked for painkillers due to painful contractions in the evening on May 10th. When a check finally took place, eight hours later at 3.10 am the next day, the child had already died. It was later found that the child had become starved of oxygen after Charlotte’s placenta separated from the womb’s wall during labour, which is more commonly known as placental abruption. In addition to the complaints of pain during contractions, Charlotte had also complained of symptoms such as abdominal and back pain, which were missed by medics. The tragic news was broken to the couple at 4 am, with mum Charlotte giving birth naturally to her stillborn child 12 hours later.

Mum loses baby due to midwives taking eight hours
Charlotte and Charlie with new son Chase. Image Credits: SWNS

Speaking about her ordeal in an interview with Fabulous Digital, Charlotte explained “We were absolutely heartbroken. I got to hold him but it was awful. He was cold and wasn’t breathing. It’s not how I imagined holding my son for the first time. I went into denial and struggled to cope. I was in shock and had never had to grieve before. I just didn’t know how to feel.”


Despite the traumas of her first pregnancy, Charlotte and Charlie fell pregnant again in September 2018 and gave birth to son Chase at the same hospital on May 28 this year, and on this occasion praised the quality of care she received from the staff at the hospital.

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