Mum Finds MIRACLE TOY To Keep Daughter Entertained for £1.50

by Robert Dunne

A mum has discovered a new cheap and effective way to keep her daughter entertained that will only set her back as little as £1.42.

Mum, Nicole, immediately spread the word of her discovery through the facebook group ‘Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK’, and the item she discovered, an emergency foil blanket. Writing on the Facebook group, Nicole said: “Mums and dads if you want to keep your baby entertained while you get some ironing done or just so they can have some fun get some of this she loves is cheapest toy I’ve brought her”. The blankets are available for as little as £1.42 from retailers such as Amazon or Poundland and she backed up her claims with video proof of blankets’ effectiveness, with the video showing her daughter happy and content wiggling in the blanket.

Space blanket
Image Credits: Amazon

The idea has brought success for not only Nicole but also for fellow mums who saw her post on facebook, with one mum saying “Absolutely brilliant idea, the sensory feedback this little one is getting will be amazing…good thinking mummy, gold star for you.”, others agreed, with comments pouring in like “A fantastic idea x my little boy laid on this at baby group and loved it.” and “The perfect type of toys for babies are SENSORY ones. This making crinkle noises and being reflective would be the perfect thing to keep them entertained. Fabulous!”


The one issue raised was for the safety of the child, and mums were quick to advise supervision when using the blankets, as otherwise there could be a risk of suffocation to the child.

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