Model Goes To Bathroom Feeling Ill...And Leaves With a BABY!

by Robert Dunne

A model from Melbourne, Australia, has unexpectedly given birth to a baby girl on her bathroom floor, after going to the bathroom feeling ill.

Erin Langmaid, 23, became a mum two weeks ago, despite showing no signs of pregnancy, having not felt ill until the day of her child’s birth, as well as showing no baby bump, and having had no cravings. In addition to this, the model had capably been working full time, as well as taking contraceptive injections in the lead up to the birth. Speaking to 7news, her partner, Dan, explained: “there was just nothing we could think of that would’ve given it away that she was in there”.


Talking about the shocking birth, Erin said “It was the biggest shock of my life”, with the new mother having gone to the bathroom unaware she was even pregnant, and leaving ten minutes later with her newborn baby daughter. Baby Isla was born at 7lbs 14oz, a healthy weight, however, struggled breathing, but after paramedics arrived they were able to save the girls life.

Australian Model Has Baby When Unaware She's Pregnant
Mum Erin With Partner Dan And Newborn Isla

Erin had what is termed a cryptic pregnancy, where the mother does not find out they are pregnant until very late or, in this case, on occasion of the birth. In Erin’s case, the pregnancy was so unnoticeable that she had no difficulty at any time wearing her usual clothes.

It is currently thought that around 1 in 500 women do not realise they are pregnant until around 20 weeks in, and 1 in 2,500 women do not know they are pregnant until they start giving birth. Talking about her new life with a child, Erin said “This is our life now and we wouldn’t change it” and the couple have had help from family and friends to prepare their home for the new arrival.

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