Lucy Mecklenburgh ABUSED For Exercising While Pregnant

by Robert Dunne

The Only Way is Essex TV personality Lucy Mecklenburgh has recently revealed how her pregnancy caused her to receive a great deal of online abuse judging her decisions and the impact they will have on her child.

It is common knowledge that once pregnant, mothers come under fire with suggestions on what to eat or wear, how you should sleep, what to do about cravings, what to do and what to avoid in day to day life, and many other generic opinions. However, in the case of Lucy, these issues are escalated to her online presence also due to her popularity.

The actress was subjected to comments “questioning why I should exercise during my pregnancy” with some commenting opinions including “working out is selfish, think of the baby before yourself”. For Lucy, comments like this became problematic, as part of her job is to exercise thanks to her popular fitness app ‘Results with Lucy’, which also includes workout programmes during and post-pregnancy.

After the abuse she received, Lucy has decided to raise awareness surrounding the taboo of working out whilst pregnant, helping to promote the benefits of exercising and staying active when expecting. Lucy explained her decision by saying “The comments I’ve had have driven me to help remove the stigma that exercising during pregnancy is dangerous - it is beneficial for both mother and child. I think it is a matter of educating women about this topic”.


Doctors have made the fact clear for years that exercise is not dangerous for a baby, with recent research reiterating that fact. However, the point still stands that every pregnancy and every person is different, and as a result, it is still advised to speak to your doctor for personalised advice regarding what you can and can’t do during your pregnancy before trying to do too much.

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Robert Dunne

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