Girl SNAPS BABY'S SPINE While Babysitting

by Robert Dunne

A Babysitter from Daytona Beach, Florida, has shaken a four-month-old baby so violently that she has reportedly snapped the child’s spine.

Amy Godden, 21, was attempting to get the baby to stop crying when the incident took place, police said. The story could still change, as the suspected child abuser reportedly changed her version of events on three separate occasions, before admitting to police that “she may have turned the child over a little too hard or aggressively” when caring for them on Monday evening. Police reported that the boy’s spine was found fractured, however other media outlets have also reported that the boy’s arm was also broken by the 21-year-old.


Initially, the tale told by the babysitter was that she had picked him up out of a swing, without realising his arm was trapped within the bars, the second version of events was that the injury occurred whilst she made the baby a bottle. Detectives went to the girls home to investigate these series of events, only to find that the swing, which played such a key role in the preliminary tale, did not have any form of bars for the child’s arm to get stuck in. After this, a third false tale of events was described, this time suggesting the baby’s arm became trapped underneath him whilst Amy tried to comfort him. The only part of events that is known to be true, is that after the incident, Godden did think to take the boy to the hospital as well as contact his parents.

The boy’s condition is currently unclear, however, Godden has been charged with aggravated child abuse, and is being held without bail.

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