GHOST BABY Terrifies Mum Overnight!

by Robert Dunne

A mum has had the fright of her life after her baby monitor seemed to show a ‘ghost baby’ lying next to her son in his crib.

Mum Maritza Cibuls was home alone with her two children, and after putting her 18-month old son to bed, she went to check her baby monitor only to be struck with fear at the sight of a second ghostly baby in the crib. In an interview, she said “At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I tried to ignore it but it was really starting to creep me out”.


After seeing the figure, the mum-of-two resorted to texting close members of the family for suggestions as to how the figure was formed, with her husband suggesting it was simply their son’s drool on the sheet, however, she “started feeling around for wetness to see if our drool theory was correct...there was nothing”

As her son had been sick Maritza decided not to wake him to unearth the reason for the figure, instead, posting a photo on a mums Facebook group to try and reassure herself she was not going mad. That night she “barely slept” out of confusion and fear, but woke up the next morning to numerous responses from her facebook post. On returning to her son’s room in the daylight, Maritza said she “opened the blinds, it was so obvious there was something under the sheet. I pulled down the sheet and saw this giant baby face looking up at me.” It turned out to be that her husband had forgotten to replace the mattress topper when changing the sheets, revealing a baby’s face on the advertising for the mattress underneath.

Ghost Baby Mattress
Image Credits: Facebook

After hearing the comical story, Cibuls’ friends persuaded her to share her story online, the story has since been liked over half a million times as well as shared over three hundred thousand times.

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