Britain's BIGGEST FAMILY Reveal They’re Expecting BABY NO.22

by Robert Dunne

Mum of 21, Sue Radford and husband Noel, from Morecambe, have revealed in a YouTube video that they are expecting another child, with an ultrasound picture featured in the video confirming this.

Radford family expecting another baby
Image Credits: The Radford Family

The couple had previously said last year that their 21st child would be their last, however (having made a u-turn once previously after baby number nine), the couple has once again decided that in fact, having more babies was still their desire.

In their video announcing the pregnancy, Sue revealed that ”we’re coming up to 15 weeks pregnant and we’ll be able to find out the gender of the baby soon”. The couple are due to give birth in April, with the hope being that this baby is a boy, Sue explained this in the video by saying “I wonder if it will be 11 of each - I am feeling a bit boy”

The family, despite their size, have managed to live without receiving any form of benefits apart from the standard child benefits every family receives, this has come as a result of a successful family-owned bakery, which has allowed them to continue living in their 10 bedroom house which they bought in 2004.


A standard day for this family now means three clothes washes per day in an 18kg machine, 18 pints of milk, three litres of juice and three boxes of cereal at breakfast, a hefty task, however, mum Sue recently said that the biggest challenge she faces, thanks to having 15 children at school age or younger, is keeping track of all the small children, saying “it can be quite hard to keep track of them. You have to have eyes in the back of your head to make sure you don’t lose any children”. Despite this challenge, the family are yet to lose any of the children and have managed to live reasonably normally.

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