Baby Born With Rare Skin Condition ABANDONED At Hospital

by Robert Dunne

A baby born with a condition that requires him to be kept away from direct sunlight has been abandoned at a hospital in Italy, media reports.

Giovannino, a four-month-old born in Turin, has ‘harlequin ichthyosis’, a condition that causes thick and dry skin. The child had been cared for by nurses from the hospital for four months since his birth in August but may-be required to leave within the next few weeks after his parents abandoned him in the hospital without explanation. One of the nurses caring for the child, who wished to remain anonymous, explained: “I don’t know what the reason is, the only thing certain is that this child has been abandoned.”.


Staff from the hospital have begun taking turns pushing Giovannino through the hospital corridors, as currently, Giovannino is being kept in the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital but with his family having abandoned him, the staff are the only carers the child has, a job more intense than some may think, with nurses having to keep the child away from sunlight and moisturise the child several times a day. Local authorities have been made aware of Giovannino’s situation and have begun tracking down the parents, but for the moment there is also a need to provide temporary accommodation for the child, however, with the amount of specialist care his condition requires, some nurses have called for Giovannino to have “a little room of his own”.

After news broke in Italy of the child’s circumstances, people began contacting the hospital offering to adopt Giovannino, with some going to the extent of writing heartfelt letters describing how they would welcome the child into their home, and authorities of Turin have said they are evaluating all requests and looking into the possibilities of specialist foster care for the child.

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