Aussie Mum Gives Birth to 13lb SUMO BABY

by Robert Dunne

A mum in Sydney, Australia has given birth to what she describes as a ‘mini sumo wrestler’ of a baby. The family were shocked when the baby was born at a staggering 12 lbs 9 oz, or 5.88kg, which is almost twice the average weight of a baby girl at birth. The baby, named Remi, was not only born at this immense weight but was also born early, at only 38 weeks and two days, making her size even more unusual.

Sumo baby born in sydney australia
Source: Today

After delivering the baby via emergency cesarean, the mother was warned by doctors not to carry anything weighing over six kilos, which means for the moment she may be unable to spend long periods holding the newborn. Mother of three, Emma, is however experienced in looking after larger babies, with her two children weighing 12lbs 1 oz and 8 lbs 3oz respectively at birth.

In an interview with the mother, more light was shed on the nature of the unique birth, saying “I did expect to have a larger baby as I had gestational diabetes but [I hadn’t expected her to be quite] this big”. She went on to explain, “At 35 weeks an ultrasound revealed she was about 4kg but we didn't think she’d grow that much more”. And as a result of the unexpected growth, the parents were forced to replace all the clothes initially bought for baby Remi and look at an early emergency delivery before Remi grew too big.

News of baby Remi’s birth spread around Wollongong Hospital amazingly quickly, the mother talks of there always being a "Crowd of people- midwives, other new parents and visitors, asking about her size because she's so much bigger than all the other newborns."


Despite her size, Remi remains a reasonably sized baby when compared with the current record holder of largest baby ever born, which weighed in at 10.2kg or 22 lbs 5 oz in Italy in 1955. For the moment, she remains a mini-celebrity for the patients and visitors of Wollongong Hospital.

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