67 YEAR OLD Becomes China’s OLDEST MUM!

by Robert Dunne

A 67-year-old mother has given birth in China, which the couple claims will make her the oldest mother in China.

The mother, who identified herself as Tian, delivered her baby girl on Friday, with the newborn weighing 5lbs 11oz. The birth was carried out via caesarian section, as doctors decided that for the safety of the baby this option was best, with it being born at 36 weeks and the mother having high blood pressure.

Mum becomes oldest mum in China
Father, Huang: Image Credits: Handout

When talking to Qilu Evening News, father, 68-year-old Huang, explained that the baby had not been planned, but instead was “sent by heaven” which prompted them to name the child Tianci, which translates to “Given by God”. It was only discovered that mum Tian was pregnant when she attended a health check-up, with her explaining that she “didn’t want it initially”.


Despite the positivity of the parents regarding the birth of their child, it has been reported by the Jinan Times that their children objected to the idea of their parents adding another sibling to the family. This discontent was shared by many online on the Weibo platform with many commenting on the parents’ age and their consequent ability to look after the child before they have to be looked after themselves, examples of this include “ The parents are too selfish” and “Poor child, he’s going to start taking care of his elderly parents by the time he’s 20”.

Oldest Mum In China
Image Credits: Handout

In China, until 2016, parenting was restricted by the notorious one-child policy, which, as the name suggests, reduced the number of children families could have to one, as a counter to the massive overpopulation problem occurring in China at the time. Now however the rules regarding children have been relaxed, and families are now allowed two children, which means in this case technically the birth of Tianci was a breach of the rules, however since the removal of the one-child policy China have become much less focused on implementing these rules.

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